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I will be working on a major web development project over the next few months and because of it's complexity, I will be unable to accept any repairs during this time. I do appreciate everyone's suppport over the past 5 years and I will be back once this project is complete.

Thank You

Kevin's Photo My name is Kevin and I`d like to welcome you to my electronics repair shop. Cell phone and tablet screen replacement and repair, game console and computer repair plus component level diagnosis and soldering are just a few of the services that I offer. All repairs are guaranteed and always at an affordable price.

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−= Cellphone, Tablet & iPad Repair =−

Professional repair of your broken cell phone, ipad or tablet. Cracked screen repair, charging port replacement and component level soldering and replacement of failed switchs, sim card readers and usb ports.
More phone & tablet repair pricing details & pricing here.

−= Game Console Repair =−

Get your game console fixed the right way with repairs that last. I offer complete game console diagnosis, repair and modifications, including DVD / Blue Ray replacement and repairs and CPU / GPU reball & reflow. Using an advanced BGA rework station with infrared and hot air capabilities, I can replace or reball your console's CPU, GPU, HANNA and other BGA packages using lead solder for a repair that will last through hours of gaming and at a reasonable price.
More game console repair details & pricing here.

−= Computer Repair =−

Component level diagnosis and repair of computer hardware and software failures in all computer systems, desktops, laptops and servers, PC and MAC, using most any operating system including Unix and Linux. From virus removal and operating system failures to repairing broken jacks and hardware on your system, I will get your system back up and running in no time and at a reasonable price.
More computer repair pricing & details here.

−= BGA Reworking =−

Failures in computer and graphic processors used in laptops, game consoles and other devices use to mean that your device was un-repairable, but not any more. Many of these failures are actually caused by the failure of the chip's solder connections to the circuit board. The constant heating and cooling that these solder connections go through eventually causes them to crack resulting in a failed connection. Using an advanced BGA rework station with infrared and hot air capabilities, I can replace or re-solder (reball) 255 different ball grid array processors and other packages, restoring the solder connections to new and allowing years more use of your device.
Take a look in the bga reworking drawer for details & pricing

−= Lincoln County Service Area =−

For customers in the Davenport and Lincoln County area, a Davenport drop off & return location is available with pick up and delivery to this location Monday through Friday.

Galaxy S6 Genuine OEM Samsung Service Screen
Cell Phone & Tablet Screen Repair
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Component Level Diagnosis & Repair
Component Level Diagnosis & Repair
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PS3 Laser Lense Replacement
Game Console Repair and Service
90 Day Warranty on All Repairs
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Precision Soldering
USB Ports, Sim Card Readers & Switches
Custom Built Computer Systems
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